Friday, October 3, 2008

Burt are ya Psyched... by Lee Curry

 This week God not only called on Paul Newman to come home, but he placed a call to our friend Burt.

 When I arrived at Moon Lake this past summer to build trails for mt biking I met Nikki and her 4 German Shepherds. One of the dogs is named Burt and he instantly gave me the look that he and I were on the same page! Burt was the better half of 12 plus years and we all know in dog years he was an elder statesman. Many times I would be building trails at Moon Lake or just Mt Biking and Burt would  wander over to check how things are going. I always responded to Burt with "Burt are ya Psyched" He gave me the nod that all in his world was well and he moved on! Burt was a good friend to mt bikers who visited the park. He never chased or barked at them. I had to give Burt nearly half a bag of chips just to get him to"speak" One of my favorite things was sneeking chips to Burt when his owner Nikki wasn't looking.  Yes, Nikki Burt liked chips. I think he conned me by the way on the getting him to speak!... LOL!

 Well, Burt honored the call from God and went home. I feel he knew all is well at Moon Lake Park with the mt bikers and hikers and his job was upgraded to heaven where he is needed more!  But he will look back and smile, because today Chuck Kovatch and myself built and dedicated a trail in Burt's honor... "Burt's Run" behind the Nature Center where he spent lot's of time! 

 I can tell you today, I was driven more than ever to make this a special trail. As Chuck and I built the trail the flow just kept getting better and better as if Burt was asking me "Are you psyched" At one point I looked at Chuck and said the word "Magic" Regardless of the terrain, rocks and uneven gaps it just FLOWED! All the turns linked together as if Burt was showing me the way to this Ribbon of Dirt we all call "Trail" You have to ride it and tell me if it doesn't have some kind of "Magic" I can't wait to turn a wheel on it!
 If you see a bag of chips stapled to the Burt's Run trail sign they are there just incase Burt gets psyched and needs a little snack!

 So for the last time... Burt are ya psyched?... 

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